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Purchase multiple tickets in advance and priority tickets :
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  Full Fare
Reduced Fare
7,50€ 5,50€


  Full Fare Reduced Fare
Temporary exhibition and
permanent collections
9,50€ 7€
  • Tickets are valid for one day (In-Out accepted)
  • Audio guide in 8 languages ​​for the permanent collections: free audioguide (reserved only for individual visitors)

Every first Sunday of the month, access to the permanent collections and exhibitions is free.

On line booking :

FNAC : 0892 684 694 (0,34€ TTC/mn)

Fnac, Carrefour, Géant, Magasins U, Bon Marché, Intermarché.

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TICKETNET : 0892 390 100 (0,34€ TTC/mn)

Auchan, Leclerc, Virgin Megastore, Cultura, Cora, Galeries Lafayette.

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paris museumpass

Valid for 2, 4 or 6 days, the PARIS MUSEUM PASS offers free, direct and unlimited access to over 60 museums (permanent collections only) and monuments in Paris and the Paris region.


Free entrance


  • under 18 years old : free (ID)
  • From 18 to 25 years old (included) from UE : free (ID)
  • From 18 to 25 years old (included) outside UE : reduced fare (ID)
  • Teachers from Ministère de l’Education Nationale : free with « Pass Education »
  • Other teachers : reduced fare (certificate of working)


  • under 18 years old : free (ID)
  • From 18 to 25 ans (included) from UE : free (ID)
  • Teachers : reduced fare (certificate of working)

Spécific situations :

  • Sudents from Ecole du Louvre, Ecole nationale du patrimoine, Ecole des Chartes, INP, Inalco, UFR LCAO Paris 7 (except auditors, evening classes, continuing education) : free (on presentation of a student card)
  • Students from university and public art schools, students in history, patrimonial,history of art, archeology, architecture, landscape, graphic arts, plastic arts, art restauration, design, industrial creation, photography, cinema, audiovisual, Fashion (except auditors, evening classes, adult education) : free (on presentation of a valid student card)
  • Unemployed : free (on presentation of a valid certificate)
  • RMI ou du RSA payee : free (on presentation of a valid certificate)
  • minimum pension holder : free (yearly attestation available of Fonds national de solidarité)
  • War-disabled : free (with the card from Office des Anciens Combattants)
  • civil invalids : free (disability card, with one accompanying person per disabled person)
  • family card holders : reduced fare
  • paying the entry fee with traveler’s checks : reduced fare
  • Members of the Friends of Angkor : reduced fare

Professional situations :

  • faculty members visiting with students : free (certificate of the headteacher to prepare a visit with students) ;
  • active staff or retired staff of the Ministry of Culture with an attendant : free (valid card of the Ministry of Culture) ;
  • scientific staff of public museums (curators and general inspectors of museums) : free (certificate of practice or service card of the current year) ;
  • journalists : free (press card) ;
  • Members of the Association of Art Critics or Union members : free (membership card of the art press of the current year) ;
  • professional artists (painters, sculptors, engravers) : free (Annual card Maison des artistes or annual certificate from the Commission on professionalism designers and visual artists) ;
  • national lecturers or interpreters : free (business card of the current year) ;
  • deputies and senators : free (card of the National Parliament or Senate) ;
  • members of European Parliament : free (card of the European Parliament) ;
  • INHA staff : free (card INHA of the current year).

Members of certain organizations and cultural associations

  • Board of Directors and the Committee of the Guimet Museum acquisitions : free ;
  • members of ICOM and ICOMOS : free (valid card of the current year) ;
  • members of École du Louvre association : reduced fare (card of the current year) ;
  • members of : Société française d’archéologie, Sauvegarde de l’art français, Société d’histoire de l’art français, Société nationale des antiquaires de France : reduced fare (card of the current year) ;
  • benefactors, members and adherents of the SAMG and AFAO : free (card of the current year) ;
  • benefactors, members of societies of friends of other national museums : reduced fare (card of the current year).


Admission groups :

Reduced fare for all participating groups with a reservation


Into the temporary exhibitions : group of 20 people maximum

Into the permanent collections  : group of 30 people maximum

Reservations are required and free.

Any group visit, with or without speaker, must be booked in advance.

The size of each group is limited to 30 people in permanent collections and 20 in temporary exhibitions (coaches included).

For safety reasons, the groups must always wait for their speaker at ground level in front of the auditorium and not to remain in the entrance hall of the museum.

Additional information on guided tours and workshops can be obtained at 01 56 52 53 45

Requests for conferences or workshops and tour bookings will be made to the person in charge reservations by email resa@guimet.fr, by fax 01 56 52 54 36.

NB : Only the Curators of French and foreign museums, teachers and lecturers with professional cards are entitled to speak before a group.

Group rates guided tours and workshops

Guided tours: 1h30 full rate: 123 euros – 1h : 83 euros ;

1h30 reduced price: 91 euros – 1h: 62 euros

Workshops and lecture demonstrations (maximum 20 people): full price (2 hours): 160 euros
Deferred payment can be made by administrative order for conferences and workshops. Payment of the entrance fee on the spot, on the same day.