Activités pour les relais sociaux au musée Guimet

Medico-social and social professionals

You are professionals or volunteers in a social or medico-social organisation and wish to help your audience to discover Asia. The Musée Guimet proposes to you ways for exploring its collections and temporary exhibitions along with projects of cultural action in situ and elsewhere.

Practical information:

Entry to the Musée Guimet is free for all the groups that belong to a social and medico-social organisation (a credential will be required at the time of the reservation).

Independent visits are free and limited to 25 persons, including accompanists.

Visits and ateliers cost 50 euros and are limited to 20 persons, including accompanists.

Depending on your audiences, their age, knowledge of French, etc. the Musée Guimet proposes visits and ateliers. Do not hesitate to specify your request so that we can best adapt our activities to your audiences. 

Forms to fill out
Bulletin de réservation - visite autonome scolaires DownloadBulletin de réservation - visite autonome scolaires
Bulletin de réservation - visite autonome DownloadBulletin de réservation - visite autonome
Bulletin de réservation 3-11 ans DownloadBulletin de réservation 3-11 ans
Bulletin de réservation 11-21-ans DownloadBulletin de réservation 11-21-ans
Bulletin de reservation - adultes DownloadBulletin de reservation - adultes

Discover to pass on: becoming relays

As a volunteer or professional of a social or medico-social organisation, the Musée Guimet gives you the possibility of developing an awareness of the arts of Asia so as to then be able to accompany your groups during the discovery of our collections.

Every three months, three free types of actions for developing awareness:

  • thematic approaches, that provide significant landmarks for the civilisations of Asia and the MNAAG collections
  • encounters around mediation techniques to develop the necessary tools for animating active visits focused on observation, creativity, expression and sharing emotions in front of the works
  • visits of the major temporary exhibitions selected for their theme and accessible visit

Mission Vivre Ensemble (Living Together

Since 2006 the museum has taken part in the Living Together mission, a network grouping over 35 cultural institutions in Île-de-France. By sharing contacts and resources, working as closely as possible with the relays, these establishments cooperate to reach out to publics unfamiliar with cultural institutions, thereby overcoming discriminations in the field of culture.

Every three months a letter (April-June 2023 letter) enables the relays to discover the proposals of discovery and training sessions of all the partner institutions. The practical guide of the cultural visits provides a short description and practical data for each of the cultural places  of the Vivre Ensemble mission. Last, the hosting chart provides the main principles that promote the dialogue between the cultural institutions and the publics of the social structures. 

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The museum also adheres to the Réunion des établissements culturels pour l’accessibilité (RECA) (Group of cultural establishments for accessibility), led by Universcience. This mission guides a reflection within various work groups and develops concrete actions between various establishments that have led to all kinds of improvements: architectural, editorial, data processing, and technical.

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Asia for everyone: a programme of projects in situ and beyond

To make the civilisations of Asia accessible to everyone, through their works of art and the values they embody, the Musée Guimet develops  accompaniment projects in partnerships with a number of structures active in the social and medico-social field.

We are here to help you build your projects or partake in our programmes.

Practical information

Contact: Hélène Baudelet
In charge of social audiences

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