Jardin de l'Hôtel d'Heidelbach

Hôtel d'Heidelbach

Experience the art of the tea and the grandeur of imperial Chinese furniture showcased in an elegant hôtel particulier.

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L'Hôtel d'Heidelbach est susceptible d'être fermé occasionnellement. Assurez-vous de son ouverture avant votre visite en contactant le 01 40 73 88 00.

A stone's throw from Musée Guimet at 19, avenue d'Iéna sits a former townhouse dedicated to Imperial Chinese furniture and the art of tea. It was once owned by Alfred-Samuel d'Heidelbach and Julie Picard, two art connoiseurs who made it a home for their collections.

Vincent Leroux

L'atrium de l'Hôtel d'Heidelbach

Integrated to the Musée Guimet in 1991 it first housed the Panthéon Bouddhique intended by Émile Guimet.

In 2001, an authentic Japanese tea house was added the Hôtel d'Heidelbach. Drawn by Nakamura Masao, it was built by seasoned Japanese craftsmen under the supervision of master carpenter Yamamoto Takaaki.

The tea house is intended for tea ceremonies and gives visitors a glimpse into the Japanese lifestyle and refinement without traveling.

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